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Are you a successful blogger, trainer, writer, speaker, or other subject matter expert? Do you want a regular blog video as part of your content? Are you looking for video content marketing? Maybe you want to get an online teaching course put together for you? Perhaps you want to learn how to create an online course yourself? Click the button on the right that describes the kind of videos you need and we will go from there.

I’m Cliff Rosa, founder of Rosa Media Productions. I make videos. I specialize in online courses and content marketing. My customers include independent training consultants, curriculum authors, technology product manufacturers, and local businesses. My ideal clients tend to be experts in their field and are looking to grow their web presence and customer reach by disseminating their expertise in video form. My favorite part of my work is talking with my clients to identify their particular differentiating traits in the marketplace that we can highlight these in video to help them stand out from the competition.One of my favorite success stories is with an independent training consultant client. Early on in my business we made a pair of “about videos” and embedded them in his class listings. Over the last two years, many students (usually one or two per class) have shared that these videos showcasing his passion for the material helped them decide to sign up for his particular class. This has resulted in an estimated return of $40,000-$50,000 for my client and a great ROI on the $2,000 my client paid me to make those videos. 
  Solopreneur? Trying to make your own videos? Click here!I can help you build capacity to make your own videos by setting up your webcast studio for you.I can help you turn your prospects into customers by creating a video for you that expresses the value you bring to your customers! Find out about my video Packages .Solopreneur? Trying to make your own videos? Click here!For more About Cliff Rosa - Rosa Media Productions see my "About Page".